Kuma De Silva has been in the music industry for the past 25 years as a pianist,composer & an arranger.Most of his work has been with the frontline bands in Colombo/Sri Lanka.In 1999/2000 he toured Europe & Canada with the band "PURPLERAIN",and prior to that had his own jazz band 'INFOCUS' [Alston J on bass,Shiraz Noorhamith on drums] which was regarded as one of the best jazz trios in the country.Kuma who is today one of Sri Lankas leeding jazz pianists has also been out of the country on numerous occasions as a musical ambassador for the lankan jazz scene. In 2005 November he performed at Jazzyathra [international jazzfest] organizrd by jazz India in Mumbai & Delhi,along with Austrailian saxist Grant Chamberlane,Alston Joachiam,Shiraznooramith & karnatik percussionist late Neesom Thayagaraja.

Started playing piano at the age of seven Kuma completed fifth grade examination in classical music,grew up listening to Nat king Cole,Charli Christian,Pepe jarmilo,Tito ponte,Jimmy Smith.Moved on to play with pop bands at the age of seventeen had the opportunity of playing with best of musicians & leading bands in the country.[Chitty Somapala,Geffry Fernando,Jjoe Thambimuththu,Rodney & Jean Vanheer,Noeline Honter,Rukshan Perera,Lucky Manikkavasager,Aruna Siriwardana,Patrick & Neville Davidson,Manilal Perera,.....He started learning theory of jazz from various sources till he met Boston pianist STEVE Donavan[Pocketchange] who provided him with a load jazz lessons & personal instructions,which change his touch & direction in music. 

2009-11-14 at 08:08:30
hi Kuma, I'm enjoying your wonderful song, Native & Blue, while I write you this note..nice work! Thanks for supporting our new radio station with all five of your outstanding songs. Enjoy your weekend! peace, Paddy....................[comment from  IMRadio officials]


Listen to Kuma De Silva on IMRadio now....!!!!Kuma is a registerd artist @ IMRadio....[click]http://www.imradio.com/?f=artists_view&id=6163

2009-11-20 at 14:55:40
Hello! my brother Kuma,you have some wicked beautifully played songs/music,you have definitely gained a new fan,i love it my brother all five tracks,simply beautiful music sincerely & musically,Emmett North Jr.
2009-11-19 at 04:56:55
Glad you like. Your music is amazing


Come & listen to us @ jazz unlimited ja session [every first Sunday of the   

29 th Nov/2009...jazz concert @ SHINE/ Colombo with musicians from Norway!!

http://www.reverbnation.com/c./a4/1357238/593156/Artist/593156/Artist/link.........KUMA DE SILVA @ RIVERBNATION!!!! 

Kuma de silva
Kuma de silva...[global rank]


Baliphonics is a collaborative ensemble made up of Sri Lankan Low-Country Bali ritual artists and New Zealand musicians. ARTISTS: SNDaniel - Dance ...

Its never too late

song written by Kuma De silva/performed @ CR & FC/ jazz unlimited session on the 6th Sep 2009/ diren saba [drums] Nilantha ariyarathna ... [more]
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Autmn Leaves

[live} @ jazz unlimited trio session with coba'n' Ariyarathna[bass]v Diren sabarathnam [drums]
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EASTERN AIR....jazz fusion tune composed ,played by Kuma De Silva/ studio recorded/
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ITS NEVER TOO LATE [live].. ..!!!

tune written by Kuma De Silva [piano] Alston J,[bass] Shiraz Noorhamith [drums],..@ jazzunlimited sessions on the 2nd of August ... [more]
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KUMA DE SILVA with JAZZ in FOCUS [edited vedeo] Jazz in Focus had represented Sri Lankan jazz in many other countries. Alston Joachim ... [more]
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Shiraz Noorhamith
 Kuma De Silva

Alston Joachim

Kkuma De silva trio @ jazz unlimited session/ live performence/ Diren saba / Nilantha ariyarathna / kuma De Silva ... Kuma De Silva/composer ...

JAZZ in FOCUS live @ jazzunlimited session on the 2 nd of August 2009 @ CR&FC ... KUMA DE SILVA [liveal j/ ALSTON JOCAHIM/ SIRAZ NOORHAMITH ...

Alston Joachim / one of the leading players who has toured the world representing Lankan jazz. ... ALSTON JOACHIM ...                                                                                                ยป

Sumudi Suraweera.........{drums]

Sumudi Suraweera recently submitted his doctorate in ethnomusicology at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand, in which he focused on Sri Lankan Low-Country traditional drumming.  After graduating from the Christchurch Jazz School in 2003 with a diploma in jazz drums, Sumudi carried on his music studies to attain a Bachelor of Music degree in jazz performance with first class honors at the University of Canterbury in 2005.  He has been a performing jazz musician in New Zealand for several years and has been actively engaged in musical collaboration projects with Sri Lankan traditional musicians.       


BANDS WORKED WITH......!!<p>Sonstrio[1972],Pioneers[1977],Silverclan[1978], Sam the man[1981],Noelin Honter[Galaxy] 1983],Aloha [1984],Upeka [1987] Noelin Honter/ Skyline [1989] Milestone [1993] Pro-arrangement[1995] Jazz in focus[1997] Purplerain [1999] Joe Thambimuththu Trio [2000] Blindfaith [2003] Boomarng [2004] Nathasha Rathnayaka[2005],Southern jazz project [2007] ....                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         



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